Research Projects

We are studing intelligent information technologies and apply them to various application fields, such as education, tourism, and primary industries.

3D reconstruction is a technique to reconstruct an object’s 3D shape from 2D images captured with cameras. This technique can be utilized for a variety of applications such as self-driving vehicles and AR/VR technology. We develop 3D reconstruction techniques in participating media. For example, the contrast of an image captured under murky water, fog, or smoke is corrupted by scattered light due to suspended particles. 3D reconstruction techniques in such environments enable various applications in the real world.


Smart tourism that provides real-time and personal information support to tourists is emerging. In this research, we are studying technologies that can contribute to solving social problems such as over-tourism and disaster prevention by providing appropriate information to tourists by estimating and predicting the condition of them from sensor information such as GPS.


Pen-stroke data analysis

For estimating "a person's comprehension level from pen strokes", we are developing methods to classify and visualize the solution process from sensor data obtained during the learning process. Specifically, we are developing methods to detect moments where students stumble in their answers and to analyze "typical" answer solutions using answer data obtained from tablet PCs.